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Web Analytics

Don’t make data an afterthought. Make analytics the linchpin of your marketing culture. If you pull that pin, your team is going to spin their wheels trying to glean insights and defend their work. Ultimately, they’ll struggle to map to and meet your goals. That’s why we treat analytics as an end-to-end practice for any project, campaign, or program. Analytics doesn’t just give you reporting and insights (though sure, that’s the payoff), it ensures that essential strategy, infrastructure, and management is in place so you can collect the right data, the right way. Because in the end, your data is only as good as you make it.

We recognize that every customer is unique.  Using behavioral and survey-based tools, we seek to identify and segment customers based on the context of their digital experience and their current customer journey with your company.  We then use these audience segments to develop a shared understanding of your customers based on their needs, align on metrics that describe our digital experiences, and create means to optimize those experiences for every customer segment.