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Graphic Design

Our creative services cover the full spectrum in print and digital communication. Our creative agency along with our trusted partners can help you develop your marketing strategy and execute it across all media.

An effective creative campaign starts with a strong message and tells a story with consistent, pervasive visual design that works across many formats and media.

Webmama has worked on creative campaigns for a variety clients to:

  • increase brand awareness
  • raise money
  • create enthusiasm and excitement
  • sell a service or product

We start campaigns at different points in the process depending on client needs. We get involved at the very beginning to generate the idea for the campaign before we execute it, other times a theme or tagline has already been prepared and we start with the visual design.

Creative campaigns require a strategic approach:

  1. Research and Discovery: identify goals, audience, context
  2. Articulate the Message: develop taglines and copy
  3. Communication channels: determine creative ways to spread the word
  4. Visual Design: bring the concept to life
  5. Execution: create the materials and coordinate with partners in print, PR, and media

Website Design

Web design projects are complex and require an experienced team. A successful website focuses on the target audience and their needs in organization, design, content, and technology.

A website must be equipped with an engaging and responsive design, presenting itself clearly and user-friendly on all devices including mobile. In addition, it must have a system that allows the website administrator to manage it easily. A website that meets these requirements will contribute greatly to your marketing goals and business success.

Our approach to website design:

  1. discovery: we learn about your site, goals, competitors, analytics, identifying software integration, etc
  2. architecture and user experience: we design the user experience, a sitemap and wireframes that are user-friendly; user testing and iterating; identifying and defining all technical requirements and functionality
  3. design: we create the visual design
  4. content development: in parallel to the design, we will help you develop your content (text, photography, infographics, etc)
  5. website development: our development team implements the site based on the work in the previous phases, accessibility is an important consideration
  6. training: we train the website administration team on how to implement content and maintain the website using the content management system
  7. content implementation: all your content will either be imported programmatically or entered and formatted manually within the CMS
  8. testing: we review the site on supported browsers and devices and fix issues in functionality or design implementation
  9. launch: we push the site live!
  10. quality assurance: client teams test the website one more time to ensure everything is all set